Breaking Bud


Winter days can become long.

This gardener loves her leafy greens!

Branches from flowering shrubs are easy to force indoors, and provide that winter color.

  1. Gather your branches.  Select healthy, young branches with plenty of buds.
  2. Practice good pruning technique by cutting the branches about 1/4 ” above a side bud or branch.
  3. Cut the stems again and place in cool water; no higher then 3″ high on the stems.  Place the branches in a cool location out of the sun.
  4. When the buds began to show, place in decorative vases and a sunny location.
  5. Change water frequently or add a floral preservative to the water.
  6. If you branches develop roots, the branches can be trimmed to 6″ and potted individually.  Keep moist until permanent roots form.  Move outdoors when the warm weather returns.

Try Honeysuckle, Forsythia, Flowering Almond, Wisteria, Lilac, Pussy Willow,

Privet, Dogwood, Rhododendron.

Rural Practicality


Seed saving and junk mail!

Recently I noticed that the inside of junk mail envelopes have lovely patterns.

Instead of tossing them into the trash you can turn them into envelopes for your seeds.

Use an existing envelope for a pattern or draw your own pattern with a ruler.

Fold the seed packet and glue the center and bottom closed.

Fill the packet with seeds, label and share with all your garden friends.


It’s possible to block out the very cold temperatures if you began the process of planning the garden!

Several years ago I started documenting my favorite varieties with images.

Colors so vibrant you can almost smell and taste them.

If your looking for a flavorful and highly productive variety;

Here is one of my recommendations.

Heirloom Woodle Orange


This orange is nearly perfectly round and is wonderful sliced.

Small seeds and a fruit that holds together.

5 stars and a thumbs up!

Add this to your list.

Waste Not


Just 30 days ago we carried in the Christmas Tree.

Today it feels good to clean up and start the new year.

The boughs of the tree make great insulation for the garden.

The branches are quick to dry and slow to decompose.

The pine boughs are a natural, mold free alternative to mulch and leaves.

In the spring the branches will make wonderful kindling for bonfires.

Only 78 days until Spring!



A Gardener is always planning.

Which varieties will I grow?

When should I start seeds?

These tasks help me through the winter months.

The soil rests but my mind is busy.

A new notebook is ready for my gardening ideas and plans.

Some changes are coming to the blog this year,

I will continue to share images and gardening tidbits,

but adding some project ideas that I hope you will find interesting.

Stop by next year!