Easter Is On It’s Way


Spring took a few days off with the return of snow and cold in the garden.

Luckily I’m busy in the greenhouse moving seedlings to pots and sowing more seeds.

With Easter right around the corner, I thought I’d share an image from last years sweet baby ducklings.

MaMa Duck hatching these 11 babies just might be my favorite memory of life out here.

Peaceful moments watching this little family swim in the garden pond.

Fingers Crossed

Fingers Crossed

Last spring I discovered our harsh winter had been too much for my lavender.

This is the life of a gardener.

I started many new plants in the greenhouse last year,

and planted them in a new, more sheltered garden location.

This past winter (still quite fresh in my mind), below normal temperatures and little snow cover,

may have been an issue for the perennials.

Time will tell and fingers crossed!



Long before this garden existed, I planned it.

I have piles of garden books, magazines, and binders of torn out articles and images.

Don’t judge, it’s my ‘thing’!

A favorite magazine of mine was Victoria, the original one.

It was always filled with flowers, gardens, and destinations outside the snowy,

flat farmlands of Minnesota.

It was in those pages that I fell in love with cottage gardens, french ‘potagers’,

lavender fields, stone pathways,

and foxgloves.

This image is proof that I successfully grew the beautiful foxgloves.

I started from seed in the little greenhouse, moved to the garden and tended those seedlings to these spectacular spikes.

Foxgloves don’t really grow in zone 4, but that mild spring they did.

One of these growing seasons, I’ll try it again.

Is It Really A Job?

Is It Really A Job?

Answering gardeners questions!

The perfect little part time job for me.

I am lucky to have joined the team of Gardening Know How.

The site is a valuable tool to any gardener with over 4,000 articles alone, to research all your gardening questions.

The best part, every single person on the staff is a real gardener!


Clean Up In Aisle 4

Clean Up In Aisle 4

After the snow melts I let the chickens into the kitchen garden to do a little clean up.

5 hens remain from my original chick purchase nearly 8 years ago.

The girls egg laying days are over, but they provide insect clean up and add to my compost pile.

All very valuable to the garden.

And doesn’t chickens scratching in the yard just make you smile?