Dogs Rule

Cousins, critters and fun in the garden this weekend.

Amy Weichert captured this sweet image of Rosie!

Cousins are cool!

Cousins are cool!

Eat Your Vegetables

The kitchen garden is packed full of tasty vegetables this year.

Some may say the beds are a bit over planted (my husband!), but I didn’t want to waste one little bit of space this year.

We snacked on fresh pea pods and green beans yesterday, and our first cucumbers today.

Pesto to make this week with Basil plants growing quickly.

Loads of vitamin D in here!

Loads of vitamin D in here!

Garden Goals

The last couple of growing seasons, I have worked on adding daylily’s to the perennial garden.

This year I’m seeing the benefit of that decision.

Tooting my own horn!

More daylily's!

More daylily’s!

I Wonder

I wonder who owned this old garden tool?

Who carefully carved their initials into the wooden handle?

I know how attached I get to certain garden tools.

Perhaps I should leave my initials on my tools for some future gardener to wonder.

A gardeners leaves their mark.

A gardener leaves their mark.

Only A Day

I am just an amateur gardener.

I don’t garden with a huge plan in mind, more like ponder things.

I was asked the style of my garden design.

I call it Farmhouse Style.

I prefer both mass plantings and polka dot plants ( one here, one there…)

I let plants seed at will, and move things to open spots.

I shop for great sales, but will splurge every now and then.  (Did that yesterday!)

Nothing happens all at once here, things will happen in due time.

Nothing perfect out here in the garden–weeds, bad bugs, and dogs and cats that use my plants for a soft spot to lay down in.

It’s all good!

Only For A Day