The smell after rain

Well, rain may be a stretch,

more like sprinkles.

September morning

Gone to seed

The beautiful colors of Summer are long gone,

the brilliant shades of Autumn also have disappeared.

The landscape is filled with plants– gone to seed.

tree seeds
bad seed
fuzzy seed

Out the front door

The Sun came out just as the day was ending yesterday.

Couldn’t resist grabbing the camera for a picture of the long shadows,

across the golden fields.

Long Fall Shadows

 Then I walked around back.

Sunset through the greenhouse

There is no denying the next Season is approaching.

Autumn is my favorite

Autumn is my favorite time of year.

We are surrounded by farm fields.

I love when the fields began to dry and are nearing harvest time.

The countryside colors change and and are full of beautiful textures and tones.

Rustic, earth colors take over the lush greens of Summer.

Autumn fields