Duck Walk

It was a big day for the ducklings in the garden!

1 week ago Mama Duck hatched–11 ducklings.

She has been an incredible Mama Duck, keeping her ducklings happy and hidden in the duck house.

Papa Ducks have been guarding the exterior of the nursery.

As the late afternoon sun was cooling a bit,

Mama Duck brought her family to the big outside world for the first time!

1st day of the real world!
1st day of the real world!
I was a nervous wreck watching, but Mama Duck was in complete control.
I swear she counts them!

The ducklings and Mama swam, ate bugs, and snoozed on the pond edge.
The ducklings and Mama swam, ate bugs, and snoozed on the pond edge.

We all settled in and kept a careful eye on our latest additions to the garden.

Kitties lurked about and Papa Ducks alerted the young ones.

When the ducklings finally made their way back to the duck house, I breathed a sign of relief.

Locked in and safe for the night!  Can’t wait for day 2 of duckling school.

Things we do not speak of…

The pond was a mess last Fall,

after the ducks had partied all Summer long in it.

It had a less then pleasant odor, and was not exactly a pretty sight to sit next to.

The boys get all the credit.

They pumped out and hauled away buckets and wheelbarrows’ full of

stuff we do not speak of.

A new Water Lily is sitting in the center,

and fish will soon swim again.

All is pretty at the pond again.

No Duck’s Allowed!