This is a blog about our life in the country, tending kids, gardens and critters.

I am inspired by blogs and hope to add some inspiration to the world also.

All photos are taken by me–so please ask permission to use photos!

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      1. My perennials are mostly hydrangea, rudbeckia, bee balm, phlox, sedums, spiderwart, hostas, hollyhocks, lavender, russian sage, hardy geranium, hmmmm I’m sure there is more?
        My cutting beds change each year, depending on what I feel like for color. Zinnias are in there for sure every year! I do Asters, bachelor buttons, amaranth, celosia, daisy, bells of ireland….
        I will email you also, sorry I just found this comment!

  1. Your pictures are wonderful, Stacey. I am NOT a photographer! Thanks for visiting my blog and liking a post. I’m following you now. πŸ™‚ What part of the country is your garden in?

    1. I am not a photographer either….I just play one on the internet!
      Learning a little everyday, or as time allows. I am in Southern MN and we just got a little snow last night!

  2. Me too! Near New Prague and we also have a dusting of snow; just in time for our Torchlight Parade tonight. Your pics look professional – very creative. πŸ™‚

    1. I’m honored for you to have visited my little garden blog! I too, am a private person–but can talk garden all day long to anyone who will stand still long enough! Stacey

  3. Thanks for another great garden site to go to! Glad to see some info from Minnesota, also. We are transplants to West Virginia from Alaska, but are missing snow, so we are planning to head to Minnesota once we can find a little chunk of land! Happy gardening!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog – I love your photos and how you chronicle your garden with such few words that mean so much!!.

  5. Hi Stacey, I was mentioning to Alys at Gardening Nirvana that your beautiful garden was visited by the ‘Country Gardening’ magazine last August, but I wasn’t sure when your story was to be published. I was hoping I hadn’t missed that article. Is it yet to be in an issue?

    1. It will be out August, I believe! So you did not miss it! Waiting has been so hard!
      I did just receive some copies of the photos, very exciting to see the story the editor and photographer put together! Gasp…even I’m in a few photos…I don’t like my picture taken!!!

      1. Wonderful, I’m so excited for you. I will update Alys and we’ll watch for it. I’m with you on the whole photo thing. :D, but 25 years from now you’ll look back and think how great they were….that’s how it goes, HA. Thanks Stacey for the update!

  6. Stacey, thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog, that means a great deal to me, and I am so glad you enjoyed it well enough to linger~ what a compliment indeed. Your blog is beautiful and I will look forward to doing some lingering as well! Beautiful photos..


  7. Hi there, I really love the pictures. Simple and elegant. You say that blogs mean a lot to you. Which blogs do you read? Sorry for brevity – on the hoof as we say here in England.

    1. Thank you Lonnie,
      This garden is my passion, and sharing it with others has become a great creative outlet. I do try to post often, I know I like a blog that does that!

  8. I like your name (same as mine) and your blog/photos too! It’s nice to realize I have a doppelganger in the countryside with such nice vistas and a keen eye for photos as well.
    -stacey weichert (TX)

    1. Hello Stacey with an e!
      And a Weichert too!
      How cool!
      Thanks for dropping by the garden and your very kind comments!
      I have never met someone before with my same name, and I am now adopting you as my new friend from TX!
      Stacey from MN

  9. Since downsizing to a much smaller house and yard, my gardening is quite limited, but a joy none the less. It is wonderful to find your blog, where I can enjoy the photos of your gardens and country life. I look forward to visiting often.

    1. Hello, and welcome to my little garden!
      That is the beauty of gardening…it can be a few little pots or a vast spot of land!
      For years my gardens were quite small, the move out to the country allowed me to expand a bit. I still try to not get carried away…there are only so many hours in a day!
      I started this blog to connect with other gardeners, maybe offer a little inspiration here and there…to have the opportunity to reach more lovely garden friends through the Country Gardens magazine is
      so exciting.
      So please visit again, I try to post nearly daily, so you can pop in quick and check it out!
      Thank you again for taking the time to comment…so appreciated!

  10. I was wandering through Country Gardens Magazine..
    what a stunning layout…and as I read I saw your blog ( didn’t believe with a garden like
    that you only had a few followers ?)
    so I came to visit…
    I have been debating to add my gardening and Faerie habitat, and nature art to my blog…
    we’ll see…..
    what wonderful photos…and thoughts you share….I will enjoy your posts…and incorporate some of them in my gardens….which I should be playing in, but the magazine held me at bay LOLs..
    Thank you for sharing..and congratulations on being in print..too cool!
    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. MaryRose,
      Thank you so much for your kind comments!
      I’m still finding it a “pinch me” moment that my garden is in Country Gardens Magazine!
      So glad you enjoyed the story. I can’t say enough about working with the team at the magazine. From editor, art director, photographer and the dear Kate Carter Frederick who magically put my garden into words, it was simply a dream come true.
      I’m so thrilled you found some inspiration, I do love to share with other gardeners!
      Please stop by the garden anytime, I love to chat garden!!
      πŸ™‚ Stacey

  11. Hi Stacey,
    Just read through your story in Country Gardens Magazine. I absolutely L-O-V-E what you and your hunband have done! In fact, I read it again, aloud to my hubby because it was so inspirational! We can somewhat relate…
    We bought an old,old farmhouse in Stillwater, MN, two years ago. We have been remodeling it ever since day one. I am thrilled that this Spring we can finally get going on all of the outdoor projects! Gardens and more gardens! Yippee!!
    Thanks for all of your inspiration! I have added your spread in Country Gardens mag to my official idea notebook πŸ™‚
    P.S Being an interior designer, all of my friends told me to blog our adventures in home renovations. So, I took their advice. Would love you to check it out sometime!
    Happy Gardening,
    Renae, Stillwater MN

  12. Renae,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on the magazine and visiting the blog!! So appreciated.
    Country Gardens editor Kate Carter Frederick did such an amazing job telling the story of our little garden, and she has become a friend (which truly is the best part of the entire thing)!
    I have a giant binder of gardening and outdoor ideas, and I still open it up to get inspired as each season unfolds…I do use Pinterest now too, but still love my binder.
    To think my little garden is now in someone else’s idea file is full circle. πŸ™‚
    I peeked quickly at your blog–and will be back for more.
    LOVE your farmhouse and barn–it’s really what I had dreamed of–we ended up with an old farmhouse with lot’s of 1980’s decor!!! and no barn!
    Look forward to lot’s of chats about gardening, and rural living!

  13. Your blog is saving me from an EPIC winter! When I saw the pictures of the snapdragons, I nearly wept. We just moved to town from a 10 acre farm and a 5,000 sq ft vegetable and fruit garden. I was wondering how to cope with the change. I’ll just check in on your blog and that should help!

    1. EPIC is right, I know we have had worse, but this one is kicking my spirit!
      Please come by the garden anytime for garden time…the gate is always open!
      Hugs garden friend

  14. Great photos as always! I have a question for you, but I don’t think I have your email address. Can you email me at rhanel (at) hickorytech (dot) net? Thank you!

  15. Hi. I saw your spread in Country Gardens and I thought I would check out your blog. Fun! I am curious about your green house since I’m toying with the idea of my own these days. How do you heat it? Do you heat it all winter? Is it very expensive to heat a green house? I’m in Northern PA, so our winters aren’t terrible, but they are looooonnnnng. Any advice or direction pointing is welcome. Thanks!

    1. Katherine,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit the garden, and your kind comments…so glad you enjoyed the story of our garden.
      Kate Carter Frederick and the team at Country Gardens did an amazing job. It’s quite a thrill to be on the cover of my favorite gardening magazine.
      I start to heat the greenhouse about a week prior to the seedlings being placed inside the greenhouse. I do use electric heat, since the greenhouse is 10 x 10, this is an economical way to heat it.
      I also use passive heating by placing black large buckets of water under the benches…they heat up during the day and help maintain heat in the evening. This is a common, old method.
      The greenhouse is built on a layer of sand, then gravel, with cement paver flooring. This also helps with temperature. Heats during the day…
      My husband did put in a exhaust fan…as it is so important when the temperatures do start to warm…you spend just as much time cooling it as the Spring days turn warmer!
      Nothing is automatic in my greenhouse, but that is the enjoyment for me.
      We have such a short growing season here in Southern MN, a greenhouse has really changed my garden for the better. I am able to get the most out of my small garden in a short amount of time.
      I tell people, if you have wished for a greenhouse, I wish one for you!
      I was lucky to have a handy husband that could build my little dream greenhouse, but I also have a small “store bought” greenhouse that I also use. It does a wonderful job, still looks good in the garden and was quite economical as we bought the floor model as the end of the season.
      Please ask if you have any more questions…love to chat garden.

  16. Stacey…….looking at your hollyhocks by the playhouse…..what is your secret….mine are spindly and thin and the leaves get a lacy look to them and seems every year I lose one more….they are on the south side of my property and I love them so much……any suggestions?

  17. Picked up my copy of Country Gardens this morning, came to check out your blog!!! I look forward to adding it to my favorites and keeping up with you!

    1. Renee,
      Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.
      It was such a thrill to be photographed by my favorite magazine, Country Gardens. To end up on the front cover, still hard to believe.
      I truly enjoy the process of blogging and meeting wonderful gardeners and garden lovers from all over the world.
      Working on getting the garden in shape after a long Winter.
      Thank you again for visiting.
      Hugs, Stacey

      1. I am enchanted by your talent for photography, and your lovely blog… I am in Southern Calif..

      2. Oh my goodness, you just made my day Lorna!
        So sweet of you to stop by the garden. We are having a day of snowfall here today in the garden…it does freshen things up around here, but I’m so ready for muddy Spring!
        I hope someday to venture back out to your great state of CA. We spent time around San Francisco and Northern CA a couple of years ago, and I fell in love with the countryside along the coast.

  18. Mrs. Weichert, Thank You, Thank you, for speaking with me the other day , I Love your garden. It is great that you have created this garden by yourself and how you and your family enjoy it so much. Thanks again The greenhouse is GREAT, If you can post a few more pictures of it that would be nice. jimmy greak Texas

    1. Thank you so much for your very sweet comments! So fun to connect with gardeners, and share.
      I will be doing another post soon with more detail images of the greenhouse details.
      Our weather has made a drastic improvement in the last two days….we are finally getting warm enough for the plants to make it out of the ground!

  19. Hi Stacey.
    I just love the ugly shed conversion you guys did!! I was looking to do something like that for our daughter and yours turned out so great!! You don’t happen to have plans for yours do you?
    Thanks so much!!

    1. Kait,
      Thank you so much for stopping by the garden!
      Glad you like my little Rabbit Run Cottage, it really is a sweet little shed. Just last night Lucy was showing our neighbors daughter her shed and they sat in there for an hour chatting and writing on the chalkboard door.
      Lucy is now 12, and she still loves her little spot! Does my heart good!
      We do not have plans, (trust me, I have asked hubby if he would be interested in writing up some). Eric was a carpenter for 3 years, before he became a pilot. He just looks at things, and does it in his head–he never even draws a picture.
      I will try to do another post soon about the cottage.
      I do know that small sheds are available with a standard type roof line at home improvement stores, a dormer could be added to those. Even more easily than our barn-shed type we started with. The cedar shingles really add to the charm of ours also. Please let me know if I could help with anything else. Hugs, Stacey

  20. Well thanks Stacey for the info. It was really neat to see since our current shed (that we are replacing with a bigger one) looks almost exactly like your old “ugly shed”, except ours is bard red. That’s why I thought its worth a shot to see if you even had rough plans or some guidance for redoing the roof and adding the former πŸ™‚ The finished playhouse/garden shed is the cutest thing! Do you happen to remember the size of your original shed? My husband was curious.
    Thanks again for the info and if your husband has any helpful advice that would be great haha!

  21. Hi Stacey, just had an excellent time browsing on your blog: your photos are so beautiful but then again your garden is so beautiful. The atmosphere is so calm and natural. Look forward to follow you and see more. And I love the header too! Cheers, Johanna

    1. Hello Johanna,
      Welcome to the little garden! Thank you for taking the time to comment, I really enjoy chatting with people!
      The garden is really a dream come true for me. Spending time in it each day is the best. The birds, the flower scents, the trickling waterfall in the pond….all therapy to me!
      Stop back soon!

  22. Hi Stacey, I just discovered your blog this week and cannot stop going through all your beautiful photos again and again and again! I love that you post regularly but I still find myself wanting more! Could you recommend one or two of your favorite garden blogs for me to check out? I only came across your blog a couple of days ago and the photos of your gorgeous zinnias inspired me so much I bought a packet of zinnia seeds today and sowed them this afternoon. Thanks, Emma (New Zealand)

    1. Hello Emma
      Your comments made my day! I do try to post pretty often, my posts are just a quick peek into what is happening around here. Just a bit of inspiration hopefully, and so glad you dropped some Zinnia seeds into the ground. They are a must grow flower here for me. I’m even drying some flowers in the greenhouse right now…might make a little Fall wreath with them for Rabbit Run Cottage. Stay tuned for that!
      A couple of blogs I love—- The Polished Pebble, Kelly’s gardens are beautiful! Located in California http://www.ppebble.blogspot.com
      Another great blog in Sweden, Garden Flow http://www.tradgardsflow.blogspot.com
      Snug Harbor Farm in Maine is a wonderful place also, I have been lucky to visit there and it’s a dream nursery. You can find them on Facebook.
      PS New Zealand is on my bucket list!


  23. Hi Stacey, I just learned about your blog in the Artful Blogging publishing. This the first blog following
    for me. Reading about your garden shed and greenhouse took me back to my home in the Denver area. I lived there in the 90’s, but have since then moved back to California. The article about your home and gardens inspired me to go to your blog. I so needed this. Gardening and working outdoors has always been one of my favorite things to do and I miss my two acres of land and 100 year old cottage-farmhouse that I lived in with my husband and daughter. We also had long winters but that didn’t stop me from being outdoors as much as I could. And once spring and summer came my family was lucky to see me inside!! Your photos are so beautiful and calming that I could feel myself there. I really miss my place back in Colorado. My new home is more residential with a large yard so still have lots of gardening to do but country living was wonderful. Here I have joined a garden club where I am able to rub elbows with other great lovers of nature. I am so glad to have discovered this art of blogging and will definitely be visiting future blogs from you. Thank You

    1. Cara,
      Your comment leaves me feeling so completely humbled. Thank you for taking the time to visit my little garden blog and love this heart warming memory and your kind words. I can just picture your old farmhouse and gardens tucked into the stunning Colorado landscape. I’m glad you have new space to garden, and I must say, quite jealous of your warm weather location to garden now! I’m watching my thermometer this morning, as it finally climbs to a more tolerable temperature.
      My little garden provides so much to my soul, and when it reaches someone else, far from this little midwest land…..I just never knew how much that would mean to me.
      Please stop back often, and stay in touch.
      Hugs garden friend,

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my little garden! My little garden is certainly my joyful place to be, even covered in snow while the garden rests, it is so peaceful.
      Pop by the garden anytime!


  24. Talent! I enjoy reading your blog, Stacey. Keep up the amazing work. From a fellow high school classmate and country gardener.

    1. Maureen,
      Thank you so much, I’m so glad your enjoying stoping by my little garden. You made my week friend.
      Hugs to you and your family.
      Look forward to seeing you this summer!

  25. Hello there fellow gardener! Your photographs are lovely!

    I found your blog via Pinterest. I’m having my website rebuilt, so I hope I can draw attention to it as you have. I’m a writer first and foremost. But, I do have an amazing garden started from with my (now) 98-year-old aunt’s flowers several years ago when she quit gardening.

    My question is this: what color did you paint your window-covered shed/greenhouse? We are painting all outbuildings the same color, and I’m not pleased with the deep olive I chose. (Actually, this is my second iteration. If I paint the buildings again I’ll have to do them myself; my husband said the last time was his final one! Ha!) I would so appreciate your color choice here because it works even with your more olive-y house.

    Incidentally, when I get my article “Romancing the Shed” up, I’ll try to send it to you. I love outdoor buildings!

    Thanks very much!

    Emily Kennedy

    1. Hello!
      Thank you so much for venturing to my little garden blog. It is so nice to meet fellow gardeners-and bloggers! I spent a great deal of time choosing the colors on my greenhouse and garden shed, so I’m glad you find it a pretty shade! The greenhouse is painted a Sherwin Williams color called Pumpkin Stem. I don’t tire of this color and it just makes such a good color in the garden. It sometimes even looks black in the darkening evenings. It greatly needs a fresh coat this spring. A window and door were replaced in the fall, but sadly I only got primer put on it before our weather turned to winter. This color will remain, but the potting shed that I call Rabbit Run Cottage is making a change this year. I’m hoping to get one more year out of the fence stain (oh, that is so much work!). I have agreed to a couple of garden tours this Summer, so the pressure is on to spruce up the garden for visitors and make a few changes.
      We are in the process of remodeling our farmhouse. The main floor is nearly finished with the 2nd story to go. The exterior is a mess right now, but we are working on siding selections and colors. It’s so important to make the right choice! Garden sheds can be changed, a whole house would not!
      I would so love to read your article! Love the title!
      I’m a gardener that truly loves to see any garden and our little Rabbit Run Cottage is how this garden started! It was our daughters playhouse, built by her Dad, that I refused to leave at our old house. We brought it here and dropped it into a weed patch–and that was the start!
      All the best,


      1. Wow! You sound like us! We are having plans drawn to add a screened-in porch (or glassed-in with screens), master bath, and a big garage. These plans are necessary because we can’t work on the garden paths, beds, etc., until we know where the addition will sit. As you know, everything must flow. I’m wondering just when we will ever be without construction. I’m thinking never. Ha!

        If you will send me your email address I will send you a PDF of the newspaper feature about sheds. I’m not sure how to attach anything here.

        All the best to you!


  26. By the way, I have an older Sherwin Williams fan deck and can’t find Pumpkin Stem. I also looked online. Do you happen to have the number?

    1. Judy, the greenhouse is painted a Dutch Boy color called Pumpkin Stem and the potting shed is a custom stain color, but Cabot Stain has a very similar color called Sycamore. Rabbit Run Cottage is getting a makeover this Spring, stay tuned for the new color. Stacey

  27. How fun! I look forward to seeing your makeover! I am currently in the last stages of building our new house! I’m so excited! Thank you! Judy

  28. Hi There !!! Love you blog + photos !!! What color did you paint your fence that is around your garden + green house?

    1. Hi Christina, Thank you for asking, the fence is stained a color called Nantucket Grey. Want to come help put a fresh coat on this spring? It will need a freshening up this spring!

  29. Hi – We are designing a greenhouse out of old windows and love the one you have posted. I’ve been researching about foundations for a green house and have come across so many options…some elaborate, some just nailing a few studs to a rectangle base. Did you build yours on a foundation with poured footers below frost line and built up, posts, or something else?

    Also, there is a photo that shows several circles (what looks to be terra cotta pots) near the eave of your house. Are they for mason bees? We just ordered ours for the first time and hoping they help with the garden. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Lisa, we live in a colder climate (zone 4) so we did need to sink our corner posts down below the frost line (3 feet deep). The floor of the greenhouse was dug down about 10 to 12 inches and then a layer of gravel was put down, followed by a sand layer. Then we laid pavers into the sand. This allows for water drainage and movement with the cooling and heating of both seasons and inside temps. Our greenhouse has been in place for about 11 years now and still is in great shape. We do have to do annual painting to keep the old windows from rotting out. The little house is actually our potting shed (it started out as a playhouse for our youngest) The little pots were my version of a Dovecote, though sadly no Doves or any birds have nested in them! They prefer the many trees on our property. They are just a sweet decoration at this point.
      I made them by just attaching them with through the drainage hold with a screw and washer. Very easy to do!
      We do have plans to add a Mason Bee hive here this summer!
      Feel free to ask any other questions! Happy Gardening!

  30. Hi Stacey,
    Found you this a.m. and am so engrossed, 3rd cup of coffee. Zone 4 gardener in central Wi. Just retired with collected archetectural salvage and wood windows for 4 decades. Now is my time to build! Will look for your layout and a back issue of County Gardens. I’m now a Stacey wanna be!!! Hope you still blog because I’ve read all I can online this a.m. So inspiring!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I’m so glad you have found a bit of inspiration over here! I have to admit; I’ve ignored my blog for quite awhile and hope to be better at posting here! I’ve been camping out over on Instagram. Please keep me posted on your garden and the projects you are working on. I’m so glad to see the last of that snow leave today with our terrible winds.
      I’m ready for green!



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