Can It Be Garden Season Now?

I woke early to work on a project that I have been stalled on.

To get my creativity jump started, I turned to my own Pinterest Board.

I got lost in some of my own images from the garden!

Maybe you would like to get lost too!


Winter Has Landed

The garden is covered in the first snowfall,

and we shall rest.

The Blog is also going to take a break for the remainder of the year,

but I will be back in January with a fresh look for my readers.

Happy Holidays to all of my garden friends!


Christmas In The Garden



If I find a fallen nest in the garden, I tuck them into the greenhouse.

These simple twig and grass homes are works of art.

I have been busy working on my own nest here, but will be back soon with regular posting!

Every Day I Marvel

The garden brings so much to so many.

Please read my  cousin Amy Weichert’s Blog post.  She inspires me with her strength and raw honesty.

The garden is so much to so many.



This Life We're Living

fresh-3303.jpgThe summer before Jake died he spent hours and hours helping me in the garden. He was delighted with vegetables. He loved watching flowers grow and bloom. He was sad at the end of the season, when the gardens were dormant until the next season. It was no surprise, then, after Jake died, that I couldn’t face the garden. Every bean stalk held memories of Jake. Every green pepper reminded me of his wonder in his newfound knowledge of male peppers and female peppers. The corn stalks taunted me with their growth. It was as if they were saying to me that they could live on even though Jake could not.

This morning when I went out to feed the chickens I was grumpy. It was raining. It was muddy. I resented this simple task. John offered to do it but I said no. The girls are always excited to…

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