Happy Anniversary


5 years ago I started this blog to share the story of my little garden.

From seed to harvest and each lovely step in between.

Thank you to all who stop by to visit, leave lovely comments or choose to follow along.

Sun Bath

Sun Bath

Rosie has a ritual.
A good night sleep with her best buddy, Otto.
A morning run around the yard.
A pit stop in the house for tricks and treats.
A snuggle on the couch.
Back outside for a sun bath.
Love you yellow girl

Let’s hit the ground running!

Let's hit the ground running!

Or maybe just snooze for a bit longer!
2 favorite things–Rosie and vintage grain sacks.
Especially when they have been mended so carefully by a farmers wife so long ago.

New Friends

It has been a few busy days around the garden.

Fence was finished.

Hay was stacked.

And the long awaited arrival of Flame!

Meet Jimmy, our new 4 month old Miniature Donkey!