Great Balls Of Fire


Now this is my kind of Autumn weather!

I was able to spend an entire day out in the garden, trying to clean up spent perennials and even got a few bulbs planted.  Sunshine has been very scarce and I had felt my mood began to darken along with the weather.  The Burning Bush is like a big cup of coffee for my soul!


Playing In The Leaves


The weather has been colder and wetter then normal!

Sunshine has been very scarce and I’m behind in the garden chores.

Mother Nature, I need a little cooperation.


Autumns Light

Autumn Light

I’m never ready for summers departure.

Fall is here whether I’m ready or not.

Autumn does bring beautiful light to take images here in the garden.

The humble clover is as pretty as a rose in this morning light.

Make Mine Natural


A few times a year I bring out my wreath making skills.

A crate filled with dried Rose Hips from last autumn became this years decorations.

Wire small bundles of dried material onto a wire wreath frame.

Keep the bundles close together and wrap with a continuous wire spool.

wreathsA sweet autumn touch for Rabbit Run Cottage.

Nice Weather

September days tend to start cool and end much the same.

But the hours in between have been simply beautiful.

Sunshine and light breezes make time in the garden priceless.

I only wish it could last longer.

Old farm building weathered grey and mossy.
Old farm building weathered grey and mossy.