Life Around The Garden

If you have followed my Blog for awhile, you know that life around the garden has included; dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, a mini donkey and a horse.


Her name was Flame.

She joined us for Lucy’s 11th birthday,

I recruited hard to add a horse to our life in the country.

We loved her.

She was the voice of the yard.

She loved being groomed, scratches on her forehead, her grain bucket being delivered and watching over Jimmy, the mini donkey.

Best of all, she loved getting her soft grey nose kissed.

We said good bye this week, way to soon.

We know she is running in green pastures; happy and free.






Jimmy doesn’t love dogs.

Mini Donkey’s see dogs as enemy, they are known to fight off Coyotes.

But Jimmy loves Dahlia, the Mini Dachshund.

Someone, who shall remain nameless, recently asked ‘why do you have a donkey?’.

Need I say anymore?

Just One Little Trip To The Feed Store


When we began the ‘living in the country’ adventure.

My vision included chickens and ducks.

Mama Duck had 11 little ducklings and they were the cutest little critters to watch grow up!

We don’t have ducks anymore….I won’t disturb you with the reason.

The sign at the Feed Store, reads:

“It’s chick and duckling season”!

You hear them the minute you enter the door.

The glow of heat lamps hanging over galvanized tubs of fuzzy little feathered sweetness.

How to resist?

Today I did, but I’m not promising that I can next time!