A Little Greenhouse


This blog all started with this little greenhouse.

As this year closes and a long break from blogging; I have a renewed desire to continue the story of my little garden and sharing how each of the seasons open and close here in this zone 4 climate.

I’m grateful for so many garden friends who reached out to encourage me to keep going and just check on me; garden friends are truly the nicest!

Look for me to show up here on a more regular basis starting in January and I hope to provide just a tiny bit of inspiration.

The garden is always changing and so is the gardener!







9 thoughts on “A Little Greenhouse

  1. so glad you are coming back … thank you. besides the fact that your greenhouse, fence, etc., are in my favorite paint colors, i look forward to seeing your tips and plant combinations. –suz in farmy NE ohio, zone 6 on a good day, but zone 5 most of the time

    1. Suz, Thank you so much for the encouragement! I’m actually excited to start sharing again! And, you live in my dream zones! So much more to grow and a longer growing season! Ahhh, dreams!

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