Garden Inspiration


I absolutely loved this house with it’s wrap around porch that I spied while on vacation in Maine this past summer.

The simplicity of multiple pots of Eucalyptus lined up on the edge of the porch stopped me in my tracks.

The plants gently swayed in the breeze that was bringing in salty air from the water.

An inspiration for my own garden this summer.

Where do you find garden inspiration?



2 thoughts on “Garden Inspiration

  1. I find most of my garden inspiration where I find all other types of inspiration — online! Meanwhile, may I point out that, if all those gorgeous plants are eucalyptus, there must be some wonderful fragrance happening on that porch? Yum! I sniffed some eucalyptus branches at the grocery store floral department just the other day + am now regretting the fact that I did not grab a bunch — the ones with the seeds, of course. Happy spring, whenever it arrives!

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