The Winter Garden; A Restless Gardener

Nearing the end of February and it should not surprise anyone that we are covered in snow in a zone 4 garden.  Some of our heaviest snows will occur in this month and next.




6 thoughts on “The Winter Garden; A Restless Gardener

  1. So picturesque! I’m halfway through reading Four-Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman, who I believe is near your part of the world. Fascinating ideas around sun exposure by latitude in lieu of temperature zones. It makes me chuckle at times, as they sow winter food mid-July through early September, which is next to impossible where I am, due to the heat! I’d need to sow in shaded AC instead of cold frame warmth.

  2. Stacey… your entire area is fabulous… you must be in Maine… soooo jealous! We love Maine
    Just pilfered 29 old windows to build a greenhouse!

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