Objects of my affection–fences

I do love fences.

Here a few of my favorites,

photographed along the way.

fancy fence, Boston
perfect red garden fence in Maine

Cape Cod weathered fence

2 thoughts on “Objects of my affection–fences

  1. …and then there’s also the original new england fencing, made of stacked rocks and stones! we had a summer place in so. dartmouth ma and we’d pass the one in this picture all the time. http://www.buzzardsbaysounding.com/test/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/stonewalllillies.jpg what an art it is to build these…they don’t use any kind of mortar or cementing!

    great blog you’ve got here! thanks for finding mine so I could see yours!

    1. Thanks for the great pic! We also traveled between Concord and Lexington and saw miles of stacked rock fences! Love the New England area.
      I would relocate there in a heartbeat!

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