In the greenhouse

Dark purple opal basil

2 thoughts on “In the greenhouse

  1. seen your ad on craigslist…
    All we have growing now is over 600 onions…3 varieties….seeded them two weeks ago…doing great!

    we must meet and discuss your heirloom tomatoes…heirlooms is all we do..
    we have pure seeds of over 30 varieties we need to share
    we garden 8000 sq, feet of garden…organically…and my wife…
    works at Brown printing…we live near Kenyon….
    Please feel free to email me and the wife!!
    here’s our email:

    we start all our plants under lights then they go out to the greenhouse about April 1st. This year maybe sooner

    we raise everything that a garden should have from seed…never buy any plants…
    we love herbs too, and we have a business growing and selling Hot peppers…we have seeds from the worlds hottest pepper that we have raised for 5 years now

    maybe We, or just You and my wife could meet, have coffee or tea and exchange some seeds …very soon though!! it won’t be long now till we start planting……

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