My Mallard’s are back!!!

Last Spring we brought home

2 little Mallard Ducklings.

Plucked out of the galvanized trough

at a local farm and seed store.

Just by chance…

a boy duck, and a girl duck.

They were raised first in my kitchen,

then they moved to the shed.

First baths were in my kitchen sink,

then they moved to the bathtub…

and eventually the little pond in the garden.

One day they flew across the yard–

and discovered the larger pond at the edge of our property.

What a treat to sit in the garden

and watch them fly in and land right in the front yard.

In October they left,

and we had hoped to see them this Spring.

Last week I was standing out on the deck early in the morning

and saw a pair of Mallards flying over the house.

They flew past the large pond, but circled around

and landed.

They appear to be nesting.

We are keeping our distance to make sure they are comfortable and feel safe.

Now I can’t prove they are “our” Mallard’s.

But I’m going to believe that they are.

7 thoughts on “My Mallard’s are back!!!

  1. I’ve always wanted ducks, they are such great characters. And those ducks are definitely YOURS!! Looking forwar dto seeing progress with nests and cross our fingers baby duckies 🙂

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