Things we do not speak of…

The pond was a mess last Fall,

after the ducks had partied all Summer long in it.

It had a less then pleasant odor, and was not exactly a pretty sight to sit next to.

The boys get all the credit.

They pumped out and hauled away buckets and wheelbarrows’ full of

stuff we do not speak of.

A new Water Lily is sitting in the center,

and fish will soon swim again.

All is pretty at the pond again.

No Duck’s Allowed!

9 thoughts on “Things we do not speak of…

  1. Oh, it’s so CUTE!
    Our pond is ancient – we think dating back to the 1800’s when the land was cleared – and there’s no good way to clean it out. The warm, dry winter has contributed to the worst algae bloom I’ve seen in years…it looks like a nasty mudhole right now…

  2. How will you keep them out? Is there a trick? I always ask my husband if just hanging a sign up in the yard that says No blackbirds, squirrels, rabbits, or cats allowed. Think that will do the trick?! lol

    1. Well, the ducks are in lock up with the chickens this Spring! We take them to the big pond and they spend the day down there. Then I put them back with the chickens at night, when they waddle back home! I have a little something going on in the garden come August–so I’m trying to keep the gardens as pretty as possible this year!
      (I’ll share more about it as the Summer rolls along) 🙂

    1. Well, I must be honest, there is more work to be done around this place! So much of the property is still begging for attention, it’s a process! Not to mention we bought the place, (4 1/2 years ago) knowing we would tackle a fairly extensive renovation. Just waiting for a couple of girls to get out of college!!!

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