Garden progress

Heirloom tomato plants

8 thoughts on “Garden progress

    1. I splurged and bought these heavier gage cages…I would have love to build wood ones, but no time for “projects” right now! I do think I still will need to stake them–better do that sooner then later, like last year!

  1. Great posts. Thanks for introducing me to your blog! I will be visiting often. Her x

    1. Exciting day in the garden….I normally would not plant mine out until the 15th of month…but we are so unusually warm this Spring, I took the chance. I had lots of extra in the greenhouse, incase something drastic happened.
      I’m holding my breath on recent heavy rain and storms with hail–so far we have been lucky, more storms forecast for tonight. Gardening is calming and stressful!

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