Garden Tools

Well used tools of the garden trade.

10 thoughts on “Garden Tools

  1. Well worn is best when it comes to tools. But I’m looking at a couple of them and trying work out what they are for –
    The one at the front of the photo that is horizontal (loks like a chisel) and the one at the back to the left that is rounded?
    Hope you are haveing a great gardening weekend!

  2. The chisel looking one–is for digging out dandelions! or weeds that have long tap roots. It was an auction find and it’s handle was split in two–hubby repaired and it is the best darn thing. The half circle thing is an old vintage copper sprinkler.
    I found at a flea market in California last year! In fact, found two of them, and once again, they work so darn well. And, as you can see, I’m not opposed to new tools, but you can’t beat the quality and look of the vintage ones.
    And that’s my third pair of gloves this year! But mostly, work bare handed–which is why my hands look disastrous. 🙂 Stacey

    1. I was cleaning in the greenhouse, and began to empty the old metal trug–after I laid everything out, it looked like it needed to be photographed. Notice I need to scrub everything!

  3. Thanks Stacey, now you have described the long tap root puller thingy I can see how good it would be! And the copper sprinkler looks beautiful as well as practical
    And don’t even ask me about my hands and nails!!

  4. I was also curious about the half moon thing. What sort of spray does it make? My DH also equipped me with a long thin blade tool for the garden, I think I use it more than any other!

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