Rabbit Run Cottage

Not big changes,

but refreshed and ready for your viewing pleasure.

Chalkboard painted door

Let’s take a peek inside!

12 thoughts on “Rabbit Run Cottage

  1. Yikes! Can you see I missed a spot on the first picture? Running out to fix that shortly! I have 1 week to left to pull it all together. I’m sad the perennials are way past peak–if there even was. Everything blooming early and with the heat just didn’t hold flowers at all. Hollyhocks-done, daylilies-done, yarrow-done, I could go on. Thank you for your kind words… I look forward to sharing the experience with you! Stacey

  2. Ooooo a peak inside, it looks so cool and inviting. and the outside all ship shape and smart. good luck with the photo shoot, is it for an American magazine or will the likes of us over th epond be able to see it ?

    1. Thank you so much Claire! I have been working so hard–excited and nervous about getting it’s picture taken. The magazine is Country Gardens, which is a Better Homes and Gardens publication. I will be sure to get you a copy—you were the first person to find my little blog! and have been so kind. Can’t wait to share the process with everyone.

      1. Oh Stacey how kind! I remember it took me AGES to find blogs I liked, I hadn’t quite twigged this blogging business, I was a very slow learner! But once I’d found yours, and Maries I was off and away, and I got to enjoy your gardens 🙂
        And I’m sure he shoot will go well, and I look forward to hearing about it – and of course seeing it!

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