I tend

I  was questioned about

“what I do”, by someone I recently met.

my answer was–

I tend…

Children, Critters, and the garden.

7 thoughts on “I tend

  1. That question always stumps me. Multi-task is my phrase. All day, every day. A juggling act of many different things to keep the wheels on the household. Love your greenhouse.

    1. Circus Juggler comes to mind sometimes too! Today I played supermodel also!! Spent 8 hours with Country Gardens editor and photographer peoples!
      I did not want to be in the photos! They will be back in the AM to finish up. The greenhouse outside and the inside of Rabbit Run Cottage are tomorrow.
      It was exciting and exhausting….hope to share more in the next few days. 🙂 Thank you for the greenhouse love. Stacey

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