The smell after rain

Well, rain may be a stretch,

more like sprinkles.

September morning

12 thoughts on “The smell after rain

  1. When we moved to the desert of Arizona the smell after rain was the one thing my son complained about regularly. He, like me, would go out after a rain in Pa just to smell the air, but the little it rained in AZ the worse the air smelled. His now wife, then his girlfriend told him repeatedly that there was no difference in the air after a rain. Now that she’s back in PA with him she understands why he missed it so much.

  2. Oh, how I miss the sunrises, but more so the sunsets, living here in the valley. Trees mostly block my view of the sunrise. The hillside blocks the sunset. So know how much I appreciate seeing your view of the sun. You’re starting my morning on a wonderful, happy note.

    1. I start nearly every morning stepping out my front door and checking what the day will bring. Our house sits up on a small knoll and the sunrises are such a beautiful sight across the flat fields. In the evening we get the beautiful sunsets shining through the grove of tall Pine trees. I’m always telling my kids to look at the pretty sky….I could fill a blog with pictures of both!–so thank you for enjoying it with me…
      Off to take some “barn” pictures today!

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