Eye Spy

The Bald Eagles silently hunt around our property…

Sometimes the large shadows slide over me while I’m working in the garden,

sending me running to ensure the safety of chickens, kittens, and a little Dachshund.

Not the best image, but I was thrilled to snap a few shots as this Eagle hunted the newly picked fields.

Can you spy the Eagle?

23 thoughts on “Eye Spy

  1. We have an eagle that lives at the lake and you are right…they cast a large shadow when they fly over. You were so lucky to have your camera with you…I don’t think I’ll ever be that lucky. Great shot!

  2. I have eagles that fly around here hunting as well, but I am fortunate enough to be able to enjoy watching as I have no animals to have to protect. I’ve never been able to get a good shot like that, it’s lovely.

      1. I’m so sorry! That part is bad. I am a vegetarian so I don’t care to have animals, but I’ve had a hard time keeping the animals off my plants. I had one afternoon I checked the strawberries and saw we had ones ready to pick. I knew my grand daughter would be over in a couple of hours and I thought I’d let her help as she loves it.

        During that time my neighbor and I watched a chipmunk that kept coming over to visit and watch us. Shortly after my grand daughter arrived and all the strawberries were gone. That’s when I bought wildlife netting. 🙂

  3. I love that the eagle population is increasing after efforts on the part of so many people and organizations to make sure they continued to populate. Not so long ago a bald eagle sighting was rare. There’s one (or probably more) that live in the trees around Eagle Lake (the actual lake) so I have seen them a few times this year.

    My dad collected bald eagle prints and sculptures so this bird means a lot to me. I always think of Dad whenever I see one.

    1. The very first week we moved out here we had a pair of young Bald Eagles feeding on something in the field in the front of the yard. They spent nearly 3 days coming and going from the spot. I was thrilled to watch them. They nest just to the North of us, so we are right in their hunting path.
      Amazing how they have made a comeback….I grew up only seeing them on the TV.

  4. Great Pic, but EEEK I thought I had it rough here with red tail hawks. My heart would be in a stutter if I saw that bird over my chickens! You brave woman!

  5. Wow. How amazing to have such a bird flying over your land. We visited America years ago now and went to some waterfalls in Virginia, I think and it was possible to see huge birds of prey circling over head. It’s a great photo as well.

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