Busy Harvest

I enjoy my time in the garden– more than I enjoy the work in the kitchen.

But of coarse, the work must be done.

Tomatoes have been roasted,

Apples have been turned to Apple Butter, and pie fillings,

Soups have been made for the Winter months,

Herbs have been dried.

14 thoughts on “Busy Harvest

  1. I was always told I was a different kind of girl. I loved the outdoors and nature, but hated any outdoor chore. I’m like you, I’ll work in the dirt someone else can do the dishes and the housework, alas there’s no one but me…so I do both and remind myself that I had my fun outside now it’s time for the chores.

  2. I used to spend WAY too much time at work staring wistfully out the loading dock at the Outside…I’m still making up for all those years when I was stuck inside!
    That said, I love to cook and bake…but would prefer that someone else do the clean-up 😉

  3. I enjoy my kitchen time. Something very satisfying about putting up delicious vegetables for the winter months. I’ve roasted pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, and peppers. And dried basil for the winter. I have yet to get to apples; hope to get some this week. Yum!

    1. sounds like you have been very busy! I still have carrots to get out of the garden, leeks too–I found out I like to dehydrate the leeks. But I have to do it during the week, as my kids don’t like the house to smell like leeks all day and night!
      I should go get some more apples myself…..we are luck to have an organic apple orchard just outside of Waseca….can’t wait till I have enough of my own.

      1. Had no idea you can dehydrate leeks! And how great you have room to have apple trees of your own. We have a fairly new apple orchard about 2 miles out of town–super convenient!

      2. I didn’t think of either, till a gardening friend told me! It worked perfect! I stored them in a large freezer bag. My kids didn’t care for the “onion” smell in the house, but it is worth it to have them to cook with all Winter.

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