Welcome October

I have been working on putting the garden to bed.

Only carrots and herbs remain in the raised beds.

Perennials are trimmed for the long rest.

13 thoughts on “Welcome October

      1. Last year was probably my best pumpkin crop–this year i only got little ones–but truthfully I really ignored that area of the garden. Glad you have some good carving ones! Halloween is so much fun!

  1. We had a gorgeously beautiful day today, so I spent the afternoon in the gardens getting them ready for winter too. Pulled the wildflowers (annuals) to get the bed ready for something new next year and need to pick up bulbs for around the outer circle to have some color come spring.

    1. Still have some cutting back to do–hostas, bee balm, rudbeckia…..
      Believe it or not I do not have bulbs planted here in my little gardens….thought this would be the Fall to get them in, but with the dry conditions I may just wait. Pondering this one!

      1. I’ll gladly trade you some of our rain. We had nothing during the summer, now it won’t stop. I’ve never cut back my hostas, I plant them and leave them alone. I have never stated I had a green thumb, the more I touch a plant the more likely it will die.

    1. Yes, I agree….it seems to have flown by for me too. I like to clip a few hydrangea blossoms to decorate with for Fall.
      And FYI, husband has been enjoying some time in Portland Maine, on some quick layovers…enough time to take a walk around and enjoy some lunch at least. He said it is very pretty…wish I was there!

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