The Pumpkin Barn

Lucy and I made a quick stop at

The Pumpkin Barn–I mean how could I resist, two of my favorite things!

This beautiful property is located,

just a few blocks from the University of Minnesota, Mankato.

Katy & Dave Wortel–sell pumpkins, gourds & more.

We arrived just a few minutes before they closed for the evening.

Pumpkins on the hay wagon, just out of the field.

Simple pumpkin displays
The deer were grazing in the pumpkin field!

The pumpkins are carefully selected and displayed on weathered pallets.

What a perfect place to pick out a pumpkin–or lots of pumpkins!

14 thoughts on “The Pumpkin Barn

    1. 1411 Pohl Road, They are open 1-6 daily thru Oct.
      I remember this property from when we lived in Mkto. A farm right in the city! Of coarse it has developed even more since we lived there.

  1. Loving this post. Squashes and pumpkins aren’t such a big deal here in the UK. I think it’s mainly due to the weather not being so favourable – a little bit more sun would be useful to cure their skins.

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