I’m so lucky

To still have fresh herbs out in the garden.

Fragrant Thyme, Sage and Oregano.

And must have some Parsley for flavor.

Let’s get cooking!

8 thoughts on “I’m so lucky

    1. We had below freezing temps in late Oct. and earlier this month, but have been experiencing a warm up…the herbs got touched by frost and cold, but these hardy herbs made a comeback in my sheltered garden. I’m going to take advantage, for sure! It will be short lived, the cold returns on Friday!
      Thanks for stopping by and your comment! Stacey

    1. Audrey, they did get touched, but with the warm temps they have had new growth. My garden is pretty sheltered, so this helped. Friday is looks like the cold returns, so this is the end! Did your son get home from Fargo? Emily got in Monday night…she is headed back on Saturday. My Senior is counting the days till graduation. Happy Thanksgiving!

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