This is the hardest season for me to make the transition to.

Fall to Winter

The last of the pumpkins are roasted,

and the gourds and corn decorations are fed to the chickens.

The garden is dark and bare…

but not for long.

Fresh pine, pine cones, and touches of red.

11 thoughts on “Next

    1. I have been digging in boxes all day, working on my “look” for this Christmas.
      I have been pulling out less and less each year….think white, brown, nature….touches of red. That’s all the hints…for tonight!

  1. If anything, blogging has highlighted the differences in our seasonal experiences. We are still experiencing very warm weather in Southern California. I know that we benefit in many ways, but it is odd to be in autumn and yet hardly know it. I do wonder what it wold be like to have REAL seasons…and I’m not kidding!

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