The garden gate

24 days of Merry

A Christmas wreath for my garden gate.

 Burlap bow with a few vintage garden tools.

The garden gate

15 thoughts on “The garden gate

    1. Thank you for kind comment, and visiting my blog…I love my vintage garden tools too! Always keeping my eye out for them.
      My gardens are all ready for Winter rest. Just need a little snow to brighten things up! Stacey

    1. So glad you enjoyed the granola! and once again a huge thank you for letting me visit you at the Promenade. I’m jotting down all your great ideas for changing up the recipe. Your right it is very forgiving! Stacey

  1. I like making wreaths. I’ll use some grapevines and basket willow for the base and go from there.
    I love yours with the garden tools. This, I’ve not thought to do.
    And the building in the background? That looks pretty sweet too…

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