Sweet, pretty peas

I’m continuing with my garden inspiration images this month.

With snow all around me, I would rather look at pretty garden peas.

Heirloom grey snow pea
Heirloom grey snow pea

11 thoughts on “Sweet, pretty peas

    1. Claire, I know–I love Winter images also! Winter really has just begun here in Minnesota. March is usually are snowiest month. My family is hoping for lots more snow this Winter, they love to snowmobile. My youngest, age 11, just passed her snowmobile driving test. She is ready to go! So I will be taking lots of Winter pictures to share. On another note, I have had zero time for blogging. That and it seems are internet service is horrible lately; Gotta get my groove back for 2013. Stacey

    1. Checked my seed packet–Dwarf sugar grey–heirloom. I am going to plant that one again for sure. Produced lots of peas, very nice flavor and look at the flowers. So pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

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