I obsess

I will admit that I obsess over my little seedlings in the greenhouse.

From the moment that tiny seed drops into the tray, I watch for that tiny little bit of green to show.

Keeping the temperatures just so in the greenhouse, while Winter still howls just outside–

well sometimes it makes for sleepless nights.

But the reward is healthy, naturally grown plants, that grow delicious garden goodness.


10 thoughts on “I obsess

  1. That is exactly what I can’t wait to see. It’s way too early to try starting any thing indoors yet, I’d kill it before I could get it in the ground where plants tend to be safe from my black thumb.

  2. There is no shame in obsessing over seedlings. They are like little babies that are tender and need love and care. I wish them the best of luck — I’m very excited to start my own seedlings here in the Northeast very soon.

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