Goodbye is so hard

Please allow me a tribute.



Molly, more than any other family member, loved moving to the country.

She guarded the property, played frisbee with no boundaries, entertained us, and loved us.

She loved the garden…tomatoes and cucumbers were favorite snacks.

Molly even enjoyed digging her own carrots to snack on!

Molly was one of the reasons I needed a fence around my garden!

She was ready–we thought we were….I was not…

Goodbye, sweet old girl.









34 thoughts on “Goodbye is so hard

  1. I’m so so sorry for your great loss….I know very well how hard it is to lose a much loved ‘member of your family’……I lost my beloved lab, Bo, on Dec 12, 2012, and I miss his presence in our home so much. They really are the ‘heart of your home’. Happy Trails Molly – she’s catching some frisbees and munching on carrots with my Bo !

  2. This brought tears to my eyes, Stacey. They are family members. Our yellow lab was born in 2000 as well, and it is hard to think of the day when you have to say goodbye…thinking of you and your family today.

    1. Thank you Rita for your kind and understanding words. I still remember the night Eric went to go pick up Molly from a farm in North Dakota (in a blizzard in February!)..
      My first thought when he pulled her from his coat– “Was that the cutest one you could find?” She was scruffy, but had the sweetest floppy ears. I didn’t fall in love with
      her till that night. She slept tucked in my arm that first night, and every time I woke and looked at her, she was staring at me with her deep, dark eyes. She didn’t even cry for
      her Mother. Ahh–how fast 13 years goes by. Stacey

      1. Good story..yes those 13 years do go by too fast. Fun when they are puppies and younger, but bittersweet as the years go on and you start to dread the impending goodbye. Thanks for sharing this sadness with your blog family and dog lovers.

      2. I remember going with dad to go get her like it was yesterday… The fog was so thick, we nearly turned around. I knew the day was closer than i would have liked, but 13 years still just wasn’t enough time. Hopefully Otto-boy will remember to eat all the dandelions this summer like our old girl has taught him the past couple years. I sure do miss my Molly-girl.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had to say goodbye. It’s really just the hardest thing, my heart goes out to you. Sounds like Molly loved gardening as much as you do. Big hugs, take care xK

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss … tears spring to my eyes as I feel for you having gone through a loss this past September when our Boxer dog passed. It is a hard thing for sure but each day helps. I will always miss my much loved “Irish” but more often now I can think of the happy, funny things he did and smile. I wish you peace with each passing day.

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