The Seedlings

The Seedlings

I cut back this year, really I did!

18 thoughts on “The Seedlings

  1. It’s almost impossible not to get carried away! Ha! I really have cut back this year…at my husband’s request. He is begging me to remember I don’t need to feed the neighbors! We’ll see…

    1. I’m changing up the raised beds this year–strawberries from over yonder–are being moved into the garden! No overflow garden this year either. I’m not even planting pumpkins this year!

      1. Most of us are planting more and more each year, I’m curious, (hope I’m not too nosy) why you are you cutting back on your garden? I agree with having the strawberries as close to the house as possible for those little snacks πŸ™‚

    2. Much on our plate this Summer, College graduations-Yeah!, vacation, home remodel–and
      lots, lots more! I still will be in the garden- a lot! Wanting to add perennials around Rabbit Run Cottage, and eliminate the small amount of grass that I have to mow there.
      Yikes, I have to stain the fence this year too! Ugg, I need a nap!

      1. That’s a lot for one summer, I can see why you would want to cut back some. Staining is like paint, I find it soothing and would be thrilled to have a fence to stain.

        Better get that nap, summer will be upon us soon. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey, they’re coming along. Will you transplant into pots? When I worked at a gardening centre, we’d transplant the tiniest seedlings….like hundreds and hundreds. Some then we’d transplant again into 4″ pots, then some again into arranged planters…got to love dirt to do that gig…LOL

    1. Yes, as soon as they have their 2nd set of leaves I will put into 3″ peat pots. I plant them all the way into the pot, only the little leaves will show. That is my favorite part. Then they grow nice strong stems!

    1. W org is short for Woodle Orange!!! I tire of filling out those tags–it takes longer than anything, so I have all these abbreviations! And Woodle Orange is delicious! The size of a small orange, beautiful orange color, small seeds, delicious flavor. πŸ™‚

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