I love having Spiderwort in my gardens.
I find it beautiful and tolerant of weather conditions.
An American wildflower that is edible?!
I just read this– Spiderwort salad anyone?
Perhaps I need to rename for the menu!

15 thoughts on “Spiderwort

  1. I love Spiderwort in my garden also, but I have had a constant battle with it the last five years or so. It is spreading so eagerly I can’t keep up. The little flowers melt my resolve to be strict with it though.

    1. Mine has not spread–I think our cold Winters kill off the seeds! I just love that it requires very little attention! I have two colors, this purple and “grape” as it was labeled.

    1. It does come in pinks, and whites I believe–though I only have the purple and a color called “grape”. Might have to offer a trade for a little pot of your pink!

  2. I had no idea you could eat these flowers.Wonderful! We’ve been enjoying more flowers in our salads, like pansies. I always thought this plant was called ‘Wandering Jew’. Can you also eat the flowers of the purple variety?

    1. From my limited research, yes–the Wandering Jew plant is a species of the Spiderwort family–BUT THE WANDERING JEW PLANT IS NOT EDIBLE!
      Have you grown Nasturtiums? Flowers and leaves are edible!

      1. Yes, I have grown nasturtiums and eaten those flowers too. 🙂

        Looks like I’m going to have to do some research to find out the difference. The blue ones grow wild here in my flower beds. I always buy the purple ones to put in my flower pots.

        Just picked a handful of pansies for lunch. 🙂 My daughter thinks the dark red ones are the best!

  3. I have this color and a magenta pink. Both fall over after they’ve flowered, do yours do this? I can’t part with them, though. I love the colors. And now I’ll try eating them. I am crazy for a nasturtium in my salad or atop my lemonade. Can’t wait to get in my garden! Snow is melting….

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