Pondering Season

Pondering Season

As the cold weather still hangs on, work around the garden remains on hold.
This leaves me pondering….
The fence needs to be stained again–should I change the color? I’m leaning to a slightly darker grey.
What should I plant on this North side of the garden?
It’s partly shaded–Perennials or more cutting flowers?

15 thoughts on “Pondering Season

  1. I like the current color as well! Plant hydrangeas? Hollyhocks..so many possibilities! Definitely time to ponder.

  2. I think I’d go with the darker grey…I’d be interested in knowing what partly shaded Perennials you are thinking about. I have so much shade in my yard, and just his morning when I was out raking the beds, I was wondering what new and different plants could I try this year.

  3. My favorite plant to have in shady areas is the hosta in variegated shades. I have to tell you, as you know I love seeing pictures of your green house, today my 4 year old grand-daughter spotted your green house on my computer when she arrived to visit (yes I was reading your post) and ran over to ask me what kind of house that was. When I explained what a green house was her eyes grew big and she told me she’s going to have one just like that when she gets big. 🙂

  4. I love it as is. It is just perfect. I’m lost, dreaming of this place that you get to spend your days. How lucky you are to have this spot! I vote for perennials. I can absolutely picture sedum growing here with maybe a few annual seeds mixed in like love-lies-bleeding or something taller. Can I come for tea? 🙂

    1. Thank you, my little greenhouse and garden is something I did wish for my entire adult life…it only became a reality in 2008 when we moved to this property. I love it everyday!
      Sedums and stonecrop would be good–Perennials are planted all along the Southside, so it makes sense to complete the look.
      My little blog has been such a creative outlet for me, and to offer just a bit of inspiration to fellow gardeners and garden lovers! You are welcome for tea–any day!

  5. After much thought + debate . . . we stained our fence the darkest of dark browns . . . + I love it! The snow looks great on it, so it adds winter interest. I am crazy about dark gray, too! Good luck!
    K A Y

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