Collage Lesson

collage_oneA lesson from Laura on how to make photo collages. Pretty

18 thoughts on “Collage Lesson

    1. I have been wanting to add this “collage” look to my blog for a long time.
      I’m not that great with Photoshop, this was done with Adobe InDesign CS6.
      I’m going to need more practice!

      1. You need more practice? I think you have it down nicely. Thanks for the advice I sill check out the adobe program when I have a running computer. It will probably take me forever to figure out.

    1. We shall see if I can “repeat” the collage without Laura standing right next to the computer!
      I’m lucky to have had Laura install her Adobe programs that she has for school. (We did buy them, after-all!)
      This was created in Adobe InDesign CS6, which she informed me was “easier” than using Adobe Illustrator.
      I have used IPhoto to create some collages, but something changes with the format and WordPress will not allow them to load.
      If I can pass on any help, I sure will!

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