Pickling Factory

Pickling Factory

The Pickle Factory is in full production.
Old family recipes have been unearthed from boxes of treasured cookbooks. The house is filled with fragrance of vinegar, fresh dill, garlic and aromatic pickling spices.
Hot jars sit resting on any counter space still available, and I smile with every pop from the lids sealing as they cool.

15 thoughts on “Pickling Factory

  1. I can smell it all the way here! We are canning green beans again today. Tomorrow I will pick the other half. After that, the beets. Dad still hasn’t looked for the pickled beet recipe so I may still need a new one.

  2. What kind of pickles are you doing? I like just the dill and garlic but my friend makes some mustard ones that are good on veggie burgers. I can eat pickles all day long.

    1. It sure has been a good year for the cucumbers! Only planted 4 hills, but they are really producing.
      Now my green peppers are not doing as well as the past couple of years–always something different!

  3. Hi Stacy! I would love to learn how to pickle stuff! Do you use a pressure canner or a water bath? Love all of your posts lately…you are such an incredible gardener!!!

    Cheers, Kelley

    1. Kelly, you made my day!!
      I can pickles and tomatoes– so use a water bath. I would love to do more canning, but I’m a little nervous to use a pressure cooker!
      I’m working on a little “how to” on canning pickles–I unearthed a recipe from my Mother that makes figuring out how much mixture you need for the number of jars your canning–so easy!
      Your blog and beautiful home inspires me!

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