Apple Spice Granola


Apple Spice Granola

3 1/2 Cups regular Oats

2 1/2 Cups puffed Rice

1 Tbls Cinnamon

3/4 tsp Salt

Pinch of Nutmeg

3/4 Cup Brown Sugar

3/4 Cup Applesauce

1/4 Cup Maple Syrup

1 tsp Vanilla

Up to 1 1/2 Cups chopped nuts

Up to 1 Cup dried fruit

Pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients–and mix well

Spread onto baking sheet ( I like to use parchment paper)

350 degree oven–bake for 30 minutes.

Use a large spatula to turn the granola and add nuts–then bake for an additional 15 mins.

Don’t over bake–and don’t turn or stir–you want some larger chunks of granola.

Remove from oven and let cool on baking sheet.

Add dried fruit of your choice.

Store in an airtight container–up to 2 weeks!

Ours never lasts that long!

That was rude of me not to post the recipe yesterday–please forgive me!

7 thoughts on “Apple Spice Granola

  1. This sounds really good! I haven’t made granola with the puffed rice and I think that’s a nice addition. I have some at home and in fact, think I have all the ingredients except the applesauce! Soon! 🙂

    1. I hope you enjoy it, this recipe is my favorite (and I have tried a few)
      You can easily make changes to this….Pumpkin pie filling can be used instead or with the applesauce, you can use honey with or instead of the maple syrup, and agave is also good and gives you that sweet touch…

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