Garden Homework

Garden Homework

Laura came home to do her homework in the garden.
With camera and tripod, she decided the garden was a great backdrop for her assignment.
A self portrait for photography class.
Photo by Laura Weichert

Update:  She did get an A!

32 thoughts on “Garden Homework

  1. Beautiful photo! Love the hydrangea tree with the brick path winding past it….Makes you want to join her, and you captured the “bright” sun in your photo washing over it….how inviting:-)

      1. I was wondering if it was a “Lime Light” hydrangea, they are my favorite–I have never tried a lime light as a bush tree, if it is..that is stunning..I did make a tree out of a “tiger eye sumac” which I just love, but it does like to wander throught our landscape.

      2. It is a Limelight, I purchased as a bare root, as it was less expensive (though I still payed a bit!).
        I also have a Tiger eye Sumac, It wants to send up shoots, but I just pull them! It is in it’s 3rd year in the garden and getting nice size for the garden!

  2. wow, is it your garden? It’ s gorgeous, i want to own a garden like this, by the way, do you like peony, you can plant tree peony in your garden. You can view my blogs that all about peony, if you have any questions about peony, it is my pleasure to help you

      1. Happy New Year

        In this new journey that you’re going to undertake, may the heavens bless and light your way, may you reach your goals and dreams this year, a year of triumphs and good cheers. I wish that the New Year be a messenger of peace, smiles, joy and good tidings. I wish your 2014 become much wealthier, healthier and happier and take a step closer to your dream.

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