Icing Conditions

Icing Conditions

A layer of snow in the garden.
Whirligigs stopped with a coating of chilly ice.

3 thoughts on “Icing Conditions

  1. It did look like a beautiful sunny day though. That’s the only way I get thru all the nonsense is to feel the crisp but warm sun on my face. Luckily, Alberta gets more sunny days per year than any other province. I sure like your whirlygig. Have you posted on it before? I bet that’s cute when it’s going around. Very folk artist like. Did someone you know make it?

  2. We are having our last decent day before the storm moves my way. Right now it’s 52 degrees outside with lots of melting snow. If only snow didn’t come with such cold temps I would love it because it is beautiful when it’s fresh, like in your picture.

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