Zone 4

Zone 4

“Below normal temperatures”
I’ve tired of those words from the nightly weather reports.
I wonder how my Perennials will do with this year of extremes?

7 thoughts on “Zone 4

  1. It doesn’t seem to matter how cold it gets in Maine in regards to the perennials. The years with not much snow cover seemed to effect them more than cold…they like their nice blanket of snow. 🙂

  2. Love your new look. It’s funny to me that this winter seems to have everyone surprised by the cold and amount of snow fall. This is the weather I grew up with, what this area used to get every year until recently. So it should be more about how the past few years were so mild. I’m still looking forward to a surprise thaw and warmer temps hopefully by February to give us a short break before the remaining winter weather lingers to the end.

  3. They say snow is a great insulator, so I bet things will be o.k. as long as the snow is around. I think the hardest part on perennials is when it is very cold temperatures and then warms during the day and then gets very cold again at night. Heaving and thawing we call it.

  4. If it didn’t look so pretty, it’d all be far too depressing wouldn’t it. We are a zone 3 boarding on 4 in some sunny/sheltered yards and I’m amazed really at the perennials that come back. Of course I always wanted to grow those I couldn’t have, like foxglove, lavender and cone flower (which is suppose to be soooo hardy, but they lie). I also always replanted Lupine. I just adored them but they do not perform as a perennial here. That being said, many surprise me with their spunk and are probably tougher than we think. Good luck though, it’s always a tricky thing.

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