Another Look Back

Another Look Back

Karla Conrad, photographer for Country Gardens Magazine getting that magazine image of Rabbit Run Cottage.
Field Editor and story Producer, Kate Carter Frederick came up with the adorable shot of Lucy sitting on the porch of her sweet playhouse.
This is my favorite photo.

20 thoughts on “Another Look Back

  1. Stacey, I saw it today!!! Got my own copy…I love it! This must have been such an exciting time for you. Your garden is beautiful. My daughter was commenting on how ingenious you are to weave the twigs in the antique beds. You and your husband have done an amazing job! And I can see why you love the picture above…it’s so cute and so very special! Love it!!! 🙂

    1. So glad you found it!!
      Funny story about the twig fence….husband saw me working on my little project, pulled up a chair and watched me wrestle the twigs….he thought I had kinda lost it on this idea….I said, “Just you wait, this will be in the magazine”! Ta da!!! 🙂

  2. Saw your garden and beautiful place in my Country Garden mag that came yesterday. Absolutely beautiful and charming. I love rustic things as well and always tell my husband to bring home anything he finds that is beat up and rusty. You and your family have done a wonderful job.

    1. Barbara,
      You made my day….a thrill to have been included in the history of Country Gardens Magazine.
      I love to share my garden, and exchange ideas with fellow gardeners…

  3. Fun to see that shot from this perspective. Adding Lucy in that pose really brought the piece to life and tells a story! Do you remember how hot it was that day?

    1. Thanks Rita, fun to look back at the process!
      And the temp. 92 degrees!!!
      Karla even braved inside the greenhouse for a few shots…temp was scary hot…we were fanning her with clip boards!
      Maybe coffee next week?

  4. Gads, even pictures of pictures are lovely. I think your garden just exudes tons of love. From the picket fencing to the sweet playhouse and what seems like oceans of flower beds. I can’t even fathom how much TLC is poured into your amazing slice of heaven. I haven’t yet found Country Gardens and for some reason the link doesn’t take me to your issue…weird. Maybe because I’m in Canada? I read on their site though that they are sold at Home Depot and Lowes, so those are my next stop 😀

    1. My mind was racing those 2 days, and I was going from this to that….popping into photos….trying to take everything in…..
      I ended up taking only about 30 photos, but managed to get a few nice ones that told the story. I joke that if the editor had asked me to stand on my head, I probably would have!!!
      I’ll work on the link?
      Please let me know if you can’t find one!

  5. I sat down to savor my Country Gardens magazine today and I really enjoyed the segment on your family’s garden. I loved the fact that you are from Minnesota because we are too – – and that way I know all the plants I saw can grow here. I liked the thrifty tips and the fact that you have chickens and use their droppings as a natural fertilizer in your garden. What you have done with your property is very inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing it.

    1. Welcome Mary Ann,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. It’s pretty exciting for this gardener to end up in Country Gardens magazine!
      This little garden lived in my head for years! The best part is connecting with other gardeners and sharing garden ideas.
      What part of the state are you in?
      Hope you stop back again, garden gate is open year round!

      1. Hello Stacey:
        I live in the small town of Plainview – about 25 miles northeast of Rochester. I do mostly container gardening in town because we have clay soil on our lot and my neighbors put a lot of chemicals on their lawn and I don’t want to eat that. Fortunately, my siblings dairy farm and indulge me by letting me plant a garden in the country. I have to be a weekend gardener there – so the weeds usually get away on me – but I really enjoy watching things grow. ( the weeds – not so much. . .) Last summer I got 3 backyard chickens and I am enjoying learning about the care and keeping of them. It is important to me to keep things as organic as I can. I spent a lot of time looking at and reading your blog this weekend. I like to think that we appreciate the spring so much more because of our winter. . . the days are getting longer – so we are headed in the right direction. . .
        Mary Ann Jeppson

      2. Mary Ann,
        So nice to learn a bit about you. Very familiar with Plainview. Pine Island girl here!
        How nice you have a country spot to garden, but yes, those darn weeds–they just wait for you to turn your back!
        Raised beds certainly have changed gardening for me…you can control things so much better. Soil content, drainage, and weeds.
        The first year here, I started with 2 raised beds and a small hoop house. I knew I was onto something!
        Hope we stay mild for a bit and get through January…snow on it’s way to freshen things up a bit.
        Perhaps you can visit out here this Spring, in May I will have my 5th annual Extra Sale out here. Heirloom tomato plants and Herbs for sale!

  6. Hello Stacey:
    Wow! It is great to know that you are originally from Pine Island – we were practically neighbors at one time! My son just bought a house in the country a couple of miles south of Pine Island with 2 acres so I will get over there more often in the future. . . (yes – I have told him where he should plant a garden this summer.)
    You have me thinking about putting in a raised garden bed in my back yard. It faces south. I do not have a big yard like yours but I think I would enjoy having vegetables growing in one as opposed to containers – – – more productive and less watering. I still worry about the neighbors spraying their lawns though. That is a big plus for you having lots of space in the country and being able to keep things organic. Now I have to talk someone in my family into getting a miniature donkey. Yours is adorable!
    I would love to visit your place this spring for your plant sale. Enjoy our winter wonderland this weekend!
    ~Mary Ann J.

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