So, It’s going to warm up?

So, It's going to warm up?

Even Jimmy is tired of Winter.
He misses his naps in the sunshine and his pasture of green grass.

15 thoughts on “So, It’s going to warm up?

  1. I LOVE this picture! I wouldn’t change a thing. . . I am trying to talk my son into getting a couple of these this summer. . . the best looking lawn mower I have seen. I am guessing that Jimmy doesn’t enjoy it when it is 95 degrees and humid though either. . . We are supposed to get temperatures in the 30’s this week and everyone will think it is spring. What kind of sunflower seeds should I order? I want to be able to feed the birds. Thanks for sharing Stacey!
    ~Mary Ann J.

    1. Weather seems to be all over the place this week! We had 3 plus inches yesterday with drifting…more coming tonight into tomorrow!
      Hoping to clean some things up around here with the warmer temps…it’s been so hard this Winter to keep paths clear!
      Look for a Mammoth Sunflower seed, you will get those large heads to dry and feed the birds. Save some of the seeds for next years planting!
      If it says “cutting flower” it won’t produce as much seed.
      And each year I grab a handful of “black oiled sunflower seeds” right out of the bird feed bag that I fill bird feeders with and plant those. They produce lots of small heads filled with seeds for the birds!
      Plant in bunches for a nice impact in the garden!

  2. I saw your yard on the cover of Country Gardens Magazine and was so happy to see you were from MN-Love your yard I also have a red dachshund just like yours-did you get your from Guardian Kennels? I love your website It has helped me through this cold and snowy time-thank you so much Nancy Wyatt

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Thank you for your sweet comment! Are you also in MN? It’s sure a struggle this Winter! At least it was warmer this afternoon!
      Our little Cricket came to us 3 years ago, she had been purchased at a Pet Store and returned, but she had kennel cough so she was placed in a temp. home. Our daughter knew the family that had her, and knew that we could give the sweet, tiny puppy a good home.
      It was love at first sight! She was small, coughing, and had terrible separation anxiety–as she had spent a great deal of time in a kennel home alone. We aren’t sure where she really came from, I have one small paper that says she is a purebred, and had gotten her first set of shots. We are so glad we have her!
      Stop by anytime…what is your dachshunds name?

      1. My dachshunds name is Riley as in Living the life of Riley-she is spoiled rotten and is very sick of the cold and snow she has gained some weight over the winter and so have we. I can not wait to get outside and play in the dirt! What heirloom tomatoes do you recommend? Do you sell the plants? I am in Mounds View MN digging out of more snow-stay warm Nancy Wyatt

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