The Other Greenhouse

The Other Greenhouse

We found this cute little greenhouse, at the end of season sale, from a local home improvement store.
It is such a cute little greenhouse!
It does a wonderful job, also nurturing my plants.
In fact, I use it to harden off plants from the larger greenhouse.
The rest of the season it is used for holding empty pots and gardening supplies.

This year I would like to give it a more permanent home in the garden and began planting around it.

And the list goes on…..


5 thoughts on “The Other Greenhouse

  1. That’s perfect Stacey. I know there’s always something I was trying to hide out view. You must be busy busy these day with all your fabulous seedlings. I’m seeing lots of green grass. Lucky you. Did you build a platform or base for your little greenhouse or are you going to leave it portable?

    1. Don’t be fooled, still covered in snow here…last years image. I’m still working under grow lights right now, and won’t move to the greenhouse till April 1st this year. Simply too cold to heat the large greenhouse yet. 🙂
      Farmers Almanac is calling it a cold, dry Summer coming…..:(

  2. Looks like a great little greenhouse. I’m needing to replace the plastic on my hoop house. Are those panels? Will you have to replace the plastic every few years? Really a great find!

  3. I used a little hoop house before I had my greenhouse, they are affordable and do a great job….The little backup greenhouse is pretty sturdy and light weight….this Winter I did leave it outside, but the 2 years before we stored it inside our large shed. So far I haven’t had to repair or replace anything on it. Hope to anchor it to a more permanent spot this year.

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