The Little Garden Pond

The Little Garden Pond

We do have a little garden pond.
It’s quite small, but the sound of a water feature in a garden can make a big impact.
So soothing during quiet evenings around the fire pit.
We would like to make changes to it this year, as we have learned more about maintaining a pond.
One of the biggest challenges is keeping the ducks out of it!
Last year I relinquished it to the baby ducklings, but this year I plan to impose the “no ducks allowed” rule.


  1. That sounds wonderfully relaxing, minus the ducks, of course! I plan to dig into a rainwater garden this year. That’s my summer project.

    • After our long and never ending Winter this year….the garden will be even more of a retreat than it usually is!!!
      A rainwater garden sounds like such a fun project for the Summer!

  2. Beautiful as it is. I help plan the annual Garden Walk for the Waseca Garden Club – can hardly wait to see your magnificent gardens!

  3. We looked at a home once that had a water feature in their front yard which seemed decadent because they’d not be enjoying it much there. But it sure made a big impact in their landscaping. I think in an urban yard they’re also a nice way to mask noise from the street. Do you find it hard to keep the water clear? I love the mauve carpet of flowers too. Is that Arctic Phlox?

  4. I am sure that your ducks are going to really miss access to this lovely part of their life. What an awesome water feature!

    • Yes, I’m not sure how I’m going to manage it yet?
      As for now they are still cooped up–ha!
      We are thinking of fencing them in a run area with a kiddie pool….last year they used the dog’s pool just as much as the dogs…silly petting zoo!

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