Ornamental Kale

Ornamental Kale

Last year I grew ornamental kale for the first time.
Started from seed, it was slow to take off, but when it did–oh, my what impact it had in the garden!
I planted it directly into the edges of a few of my raised beds and bordering the edge of The Pickery.
This year I will be planting it into large pots, so that I can move it around the garden. It looks stunning long into the Fall.
The little kale seedlings are emerging and I’ve given them a pep talk–hope they live up to last years crop!

12 thoughts on “Ornamental Kale

  1. All i can say say say is that I wish I were 38 instead of 88 – I feel we might have been soul mates!

    1. Can’t believe I haven’t tried these sooner, and so regretted not putting some in pots last year. (truthfully, I put very little in pots, as it is just hard to keep all watered in our hot Summers). But, a new plan this year!! The beauty of this gardening thing!
      Did yours grow tall in the pots? In the ground some on mine were 2 1/2 feet tall.

  2. I too planted ornamental kale from seed for the first time last year. I agree, it turned out fantastic and so beautiful in the fall. I will definitely do it again this year, only more of it!

  3. LOL, you’re like the coach and the garden season is one long game. I’d have to say, your garden is the champ we all wish for. I’ve never planted this but have admired it at times in a mixed annual pot. Do you put anything else in the pot or make it all ornamental Kale?

  4. Your so cute!! Yes, I did feel like I was out coaching yesterday…..I actually shoveled some of the deep snow drifts off into the sunshine to MELT! So much standing water, as the frost will not be out of the ground for weeks yet. A hefty breeze sure helped.
    The chickens scratched all day, and the ducks swam in the puddles….it was a good day!
    Snow in the forecast again tomorrow ! Yuck!

  5. But how did you keep the rabbits away from it? I planted it one year and they were ruthless with it. 🙂 Of course, I’m also ruthless with them. . . but I don’t always catch them in time. . .

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