There will be plenty of Heirloom tomato plants!
The greenhouse is filled with a beautiful crop of plants for my little sale this Spring.
Herbs too….I can’t live without my herbs–you should have some too.
Spring is warming my soul, as I get the garden ready for company.

6 thoughts on “Plenty

  1. When is your spring sale scheduled for Stacey? Do you have to add supplemental light in your greenhouse or is it all provided by Mother Nature?

  2. When is your sale? Can anyone come? what do you recommend for heirloom tomato? Love your pictures!! Nancy Wyatt

    1. Nancy, I’m working on the exact opening date–soon. Weather is my biggest factor! Middle of May is always my target.
      Of coarse, anyone is welcome, I love company in the garden! It’s so cute, when people venture out here, you can’t see the greenhouse or gardens until you are all the way up to the house…then it appears.
      It’s hard to pick a favorite heirloom….but Mortgage Lifter, for a beefsteak red, Ananas Noir (black pineapple) for a beefsteak multi color–beautiful great flavor, Woodle Orange, the best flavor–nice medium size, Black Mauer, salad tomato–heavy yielding, Pink Accordian, large-beautiful sliced, and more!!!
      I only grow my favorites and then try a couple new ones each year!
      My plants are all naturally grown, with no chemicals. Hope to see you this garden season!

  3. Did you know, snails will leave your basil plants alone if you plant next to tomatoes? They’re considered Companion plantings….Just learned that from Alys at Gardening Nirvana.

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