Grey Skies

Grey Skies

Searching for color to help brighten my spirits.
April is living up to it’s reputation, and bringing cool rain showers.
Can’t wait for the sun to shine brightly and the need to open my vintage garden umbrella.
May, I’m counting on you!

5 thoughts on “Grey Skies

  1. May is my favorite month.. and it passes by way too quickly. Craving some sun just like you, but I bet it is nice and cozy in your greenhouse in the rain.

    1. This is proving to be a tough week—to much rain–too cold–too dark!
      I’m trying to keep busy and do all the other little tasks that I can.
      Sun has to come back sometime…right?

  2. I can’t believe that umbrella is vintage, it’s in great condition. Love the muted colours, it almost looks like it’s instagramed 😀 Hope that sun makes an appearance so that you can use it!

    1. The sun will be out–Sunday! Hurry, please.
      The umbrella was an auction score. It came with one of those old aluminum chaise loungers and little side table. The table was in Rabbit Run Cottage in the magazine picture. 🙂

      1. OH, fun. I love those auctions. So exciting when you win the bid. I’ll have to go back to my magazine and check that out. Come on Sunday sunshine !

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