Weather Matters

Weather Matters

Spring is in slow motion.
Temperatures so cool that the garden is not ready to show itself.
Rain persists and the Sun seems to have taken a leave of absence.
A quick moving storm rolled through yesterday afternoon, my first true experience in the path of straight line winds.
I won’t dwell on the damage it left, but my chore list grew.
Not the kind of growing I was hoping for.

13 thoughts on “Weather Matters

  1. Sorry to hear this – I hope you didn’t lose too much in your garden. That photo is amazing – mammatus clouds are rare and associated with particularly strong storms. Mother Nature is tough on us sometimes. Keep your chin up!

    1. Thank you Eliza, things could have been worse…grateful my little greenhouse weathered the storm! I know so many parts of the country are hurting from storms, so I can’t complain.
      We lost Flame and Jimmy’s little barn…they were in it at the time, so scary for them. Luckily no injuries to them.
      Rolling up my sleeves!

      1. I am so glad there were no injuries. You have the right attitude, rebuild! Enjoy all the gifts you have this Mother’s Day. Hugs and blessings!

  2. Could have been worse…wow, it hit fast. ]
    We lost Flame and Jimmy’s little barn, they were in it, and were so lucky they were not injured. 🙂 All good.
    They are Mamatus clouds. First I have ever witnessed them also.
    Sun is out this morning, so off to work outside, laundry can wait!

  3. So, basically, these are storm clouds, which makes sense since I last saw them when a storm was in the area. I’m sorry to hear that you lost the barn. But thankfully Flame and Jimmy are OK. What a scare.

  4. Heavens Stacey, those sure look like they carried a nasty punch. I’m glad Jimmy and Flame made out ok, poor things. They must have been frightened beyond compare. I really sorry to hear your gorgeous property was in the path of mother natures wrath, but happy to everyone is ok and your beloved Rabbit Run stood strong. Everything is always replaceable or rebuildable except for the people and pets we love so much. Take care and in no time, you’re garden will be in bloom xo Gentle Hugs K

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