The porch of Rabbit Run Cottage, our little garden shed; is one of my favorite places to decorate around the garden.
It is an ever changing display of plants, pots and garden tidbits.
Yes, I do use those little hand clippers to trim around my garden.

One thought on “Tidbits

  1. Stacey, Your garden tour will be the best, I’ve no doubt, gosh, I wish I were near enough to come along! I was really stressed about my little tour and kept telling the club president (before they arrived), ” Remember, we are a rustic farm, and nothing here is perfect!” I think I really played it down to the point that when they all showed up, they were incredibly surprised at how much they loved it. I even got cards and notes and emails from most of the ladies thanking me. Now where oh where did you get those wicker cloches?? I looked all over the internet for those with no luck!

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