Only A Day

I am just an amateur gardener.

I don’t garden with a huge plan in mind, more like ponder things.

I was asked the style of my garden design.

I call it Farmhouse Style.

I prefer both mass plantings and polka dot plants ( one here, one there…)

I let plants seed at will, and move things to open spots.

I shop for great sales, but will splurge every now and then.  (Did that yesterday!)

Nothing happens all at once here, things will happen in due time.

Nothing perfect out here in the garden–weeds, bad bugs, and dogs and cats that use my plants for a soft spot to lay down in.

It’s all good!

Only For A Day


5 thoughts on “Only A Day

  1. You are certainly no amateur gardener. Since I live in California drought country, your words and your photographs of your garden are comforting to me. I gave up my vegetable garden this year. I only water my surviving plants and trees once a week. I’m buying my produce from California farmers because they need our support for their survival.

  2. ‘Amateur’ refers to someone who does something without pay. So your claim may be accurate in the true sense of the word, but if you wanted to hire yourself out, there would be plenty of folks happy to call you professional! Your garden is fabulous!

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