Eat Your Vegetables

The kitchen garden is packed full of tasty vegetables this year.

Some may say the beds are a bit over planted (my husband!), but I didn’t want to waste one little bit of space this year.

We snacked on fresh pea pods and green beans yesterday, and our first cucumbers today.

Pesto to make this week with Basil plants growing quickly.

Loads of vitamin D in here!
Loads of vitamin D in here!

8 thoughts on “Eat Your Vegetables

  1. Gorgeous, Stacey! I just love the overcrowding myself. 🙂 I have really had to cut back on my gardening this summer because we are in such a serious water shortage here in Southern California. I’m feeling a little frustrated. I will just have to enjoy yours. I do!

  2. Thank you, hope they keep on growing!
    Yes, your extreme drought conditions…very tough.
    Believe it or not, we had been in near drought conditions for the last couple years out here. I lost many trees in our grove due to the lack of rain. Now with record rainfall in June here (devastating flooding in much of our state) we are out of the that category.
    I wish I could ship you some H2o from the rain barrel!

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